It’s not every Tom, Dick, and Harry who takes in for questioning what digital ecosystems are or what they actually do. With Ecosystems, I know already someone evoked of their Biology 101 lectures assuming we are going scientific here, Hell Naw!

And somewhere on planet earth, there is at least one individual who is downright clueless about the era we are in currently being so-called “The Digital age” nonetheless, I believe as soon as any individual appreciates this key concept of Digital age it gets much easier to understand the concept of “Digital Ecosystems”.

Digital Ecosystems are simply a symbiotic group of enterprises or companies, people or things that share homogeneous digital platforms for a reciprocally positive resolution such as commercial advantage, invention or any other corporate importance. It’s important to build a digital ecosystem in the corporate world because they can help augment interactions among companies, departments, and organizations hence enhancement in performance.

Moreover, it accommodates transformation for heavy industries through pitching of various initiatives that amplifies their reach at the end of the day. And that transformation involves the development of new fresh business models and new financial models which will offer unprecedented access to the capabilities, resources, and talent on a global scale that sets the stage for innovation.

This integrated running of all interfaces and interconnections of a business permits companies to focus more on the objectives hence achievement of sought-after business throughput goals. Digital ecosystems are converting industry models from simple relations to distributed partnerships thus building a strong ecosystem will allow one to manage the transition.

Now one may ask, how exactly does one digitally make ecosystems? Well, the very common way is through substituting all business running tasks to cloud computing systems which are the best digital systems that make a vast number of processes customizable and convenient.

However, the inconvenient part about digital ecosystems is that they oblige for a change in the people, processes, and technologies that reinforce the organization. In addition, to leverage business ecosystems organizations will need an exemplary shift in standpoint discounting the traditional supply-demand commercial standpoint.

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