“It’s Not the TEARS of GRIEF that we are SHEDDING, They are Tears of CELEBRATION”

“Yes the Nation of Botswana is in tears, But we are not mourning, we are celebrating the life of our father, our forerunner who lived his life in ultimate purpose” – Lesego Montsho

People like Sir Ketumile Masire are to be Feted, Their legacy is incontestable. Rre Masire was indeed a pioneer, and a principal figure that contributed profoundly in the Building of the nation of Botswana.

This very season of winter in July 1925 a star was born for the Nation of Botswana, A knight in shining armour was born Rre Ketumile Joni Quett Masire. He became the Second PRESIDENT of the Republic of BOTSWANA after receiving its independence.

This Very Season of Winter in June 2017 God procured back this very star. And in this particular day of “Thursday 29, June 2017” Our very eminent, The father of the Continent of Africa, The Draftsman of Democracy, Our God-father of Social equality, Our Pride, A man of Boundless status and Veracity will be put to ceaseless-jovial rest on his grave bed at the Village of Kanye in Botswana.

I am writing this in tears, Not because im mourning but because I am celebrating and I am grateful to God for the great immeasurable things Our Very own Rre Masire has done for the people of Botswana in his time of Service.

He was a leader that was not “Self-seeking”

He believed in service for the nation.

He had constructive intentions for leadership.

Botswana was known for Respectable tantamount Governance and transparency that he founded. I am all tears because I ask myself if people of Rre Masire’s calibre DO still exist in this present-day generation and politics!

Are we gonna see the principles of Rre masire “Our very remarkable Democrat” continuing to win out in the state of Botswana?  Those are the questions for another day!

I heard a story about him that during his premiership when the Reserves of Botswana were still flourishing and stable. The members of parliament proposed to him that they wanted “A salary increment”.

 In response to that as a Leader he told them to go ahead and increase theirs if that’s what they want, but as for him he is okay because eyeing the poverty of the populaces of the republic of Botswana, the state of affairs and other factors like HIV/AIDS, it would be very coldblooded to do so. Him saying that as a leader provoked the members to see how unfair it would be to do so hence they down casted their motion! , After hearing that I was awestruck even though I was non-existent by the time of his ruler ship.

My entreaty to all our leaders is for them to follow the steps of Our father, For them to learn from his proficient mission that leadership is not about what we can do for “Ourselves” but rather what we can do for “Our People”, Please do not let either communism, Dictatorship or Capitalism to cancel out the beautiful Democracy which our Father had built for us.

Its Thursday 3:57 AM, after watching a clip on YouTube that recapped the moments of leadership during Sir Masire’s time, I had to burst in tears,

I repeat it’s not the tears of Sorrow;

It’s the tears of Celebration, Celebration of a life that was lived in purpose,

PURPOSE in capital letters!

I remember one of his popular Quotes which go like: “Corruption undermines the ability to provide services. It fuels inequality, Injustice, and discourages foreign investment. ”

Sir Quett Masire’s leadership was not only at national level because during his time he was a SADC Chairman, Vice Chairman of AOU the present day “African Union”. He also served as a chancellor of the University of Botswana from (82-98). Not only that! He was also much known for being one of the “Few” African leaders who resigned from rulership out of his own free will.

Other leaders appreciated him and his integrity very much, for instance earlier this week after his passing on Mr. Mo Ibrahim said: “Masire was an example of good governance and decency much lacking in Africa’s leaders.”

All in all it’s the will of God that our “Knight in the shining armour” had to leave us.


You lived a life of PURPOSE

You did all the things you were brought here on earth to do

You accomplished so much including and your legacy will thus prevail

May your soul rest in eternal peace our Beloved father “Sir Ketumile Masire


Condolences Written by: Lesego Montsho!


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