Have you ever heard someone rounding about their abhorrence to politics? And how useless Politics are? I heard that a couple of times from numerous individuals especially young people. This is the stupidest declaration certain Homo sapiens usually utter thinking it signifies WISDOM. But Hell Naw!

There is no wisdom in this kind of proclamation however it’s a widespread revelation of OBLIVIOUSNESS. I mean every system functioning today in any part of the world irrespective of arrangements and structures attached to it, is an object to politics in one way or another.

First, people must apprehend that politics are the momma of lawgiving and policymaking therefore any procedures we are enduring by today are somewhat a manufactured article of Politics therefore “Claiming to not be concerned about Politics” is like saying “…Im not interested in food, cause Im not a chef..”! That statement doesn’t reflect any wisdom because as a human being you need food but food doesn’t need you. Whether you claim to not be interested in “FOOD” or not the bottom-line is you will be subjective to it anyway. Similar with politics whether you claim how not interested in them you are, that won’t change the fact that you are an object to them from whatsoever angle. So Wake Up!

As a visionary I will reveal this to you especially if you are looking forward to be a Billionaire in the future, If you are interested in travelling the world and staying in various countries through your years of life, If you are in any form of Business that’s perchance gonna extend yonder continents, If you interested in tying the knot overseas, Aspirant to engage in any multicurrency exploits, etc. If you foresee yourself under any of those categories. Politics are your Business my friend, whether you like it or not! When I say they are your Business I don’t mean you are destined to be a politician, “NAW” I mean you will be a victim to politics compulsorily under those! Hence you need Politics or to be updated about any political updates in your sphere of reach.

As an International Economics undergraduate, A Prognostic Forex Trader and intercontinental stock investor I got to realize from both experience and hitting the books that Politics are the greatest influencer of the Global Markets and Financial Markets, Therefore my trading activities depend on political affairs and news. If I ignore politics or news which are political because of the “…POLITICS DON’T CONCERN ME RIDICULOUSNESS…” then my ability to speculate currencies becomes meagre and losses are inescapable when a trader or investor has such witlessness. If you hate politics or news which are political then trading is not for you my friend!


I am not a Politician and I am very far from being one so the opinions I express here are simply motivated by Vision. Don’t forget to press that “FOLLOW” button.


Yours Visionary

Lesego Montsho


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