When we talk of real estate we are talking about LAND and all permanent man made accompaniments attached to it.

A lot of people do not realize there is so much to real estate than just houses. Real estate is a BUSINESS. Real estate is an investment opportunity and it’s one of the flourishing nest eggs in the 21st century. And of course a giant sector with about five classifications within it. These categories are Residential, Commercial, Mixed-Use, Industrial, and Agricultural.

I hope you are aware that the most ultimate resource in real estate is the land followed by developments or any constructions in it. However in to real estate terms, a Land is defined as earth’s surface extending downward to the core of the earth, including the upward infinitude.

The reason anyone should invest in real estate is that Real Estate has got significant increase in value over time. Secondly, gains are taxed as ordinary income except qualified real estate pros. lastly the generation of cash flow; Overtime Rents increase hence creation of cash flow stream that’s inflation subtle.

However it’s important that before investing in any property consider the following dynamics. Firstly, the district or the type of people living in the neighborhood you want to invest in and possible future glitches. Second, Do both exterior and interior inspection of the property you are interested in purchasing, Also the demand and the and supply, Last but not least get a relevant property data which has information about listing, tax data, and recent market analysis.

Real estate just like any other business type it has got its snares especially management headaches, and clients headaches therefore it’s important that first and foremost before jumping into real estate you educate yourself, Establish a systematic process and documentation, And Implement rules to ensuring that tenants or whoever is involved knows the rules.

Unlike many businesses real estate is profitable in a sense that it’s a long term investment, it has generation cash flow and earnings from sale are assessable as ordinary income.

Now im sure a lot of you are already engrossed by real estate but just like any venture, to get started you should sacrifice and plan your financial imminent, Set long-term financial goals, and use those credits cards to float not to purchase useless items. That’s all I could share on real estate!

Yours Visionary

Lesego Montsho


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