“Every Individual is a product of who they hang with”

 It’s as simple as ABC to have associates who are visionaries. The only thing you need is to follow the subsequent 7 simple key Principles:

1). Always be hands on. Visionaries do not put up with indolent people. They do not tolerate people who are always up to nothing.

2). Have a unique way of doing common thing or show ingenuity in your attempt to do common stuffs. In other words do common things in matchless way because that way any visionary will consider you a genius even when you aren’t one.

3). Make sure that in your spare time you sharpen your aptitude with Books. Visionaries are passionate about erudition; they take pleasure in engaging in conversations which are stimulating and informative. They basically don’t entertain idiocy. Therefore if you enjoy imprudent topics you become a windbag in their eyes. However if you are informative they will consider you a friend.

4). Visionaries love fervent people. It does not really matter whether you do a career or a major that’s different from theirs. As long as you are enthusiastic about what you they will love you to death.

5). One more important thing you must understand is that Visionaries like people who are all-rounders. For the reason that visionaries are open to learning new things therefore if you are an all-rounder a visionary will befriend you for life. They like people who can infect them with positive vibes.

6). Be a fast thinker, Make it a habit to be a problem solver than a problem magnifier. Suggest a clever solution in case a visionary is going through some situations and they are seeking suggestions. Trust me if you suggest wisdom layered solutions they will think you are as vision enthused as they are.

7). Reduce or abstain from negative statements when you are around visionaries. They always see the bright side of everything, in every difficulty they see a silver lining, they see opportunities everywhere they place their eyes and visualization. In simple terms they are optimists therefore if you talk like a pessimist around them they will avoid you with all their might.


Yours Visionary


Lesego Montsho


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