I have been sweltering to say this for quite a while now. Should i say God directly gave me the acumen to just spot it? “Religion” is the reason why a lot of people are not mounting to be better versions of their selves. “Religion is the prevalent competitor than Satan himself. It causes people to run away from their personal accountability. That’s why a lot of people today are slothful because of the essence of “Religion” that causes them to hold misguided hope that “GOD WILL PROVIDE”, or “GOD SEES ME THROUGH”. Yet they are doing nothing to escort their faith.

Do You think God will make his way down here to work for you while you are 24/7 a Facebook tenant, 24/7 Keyboard devotee, Alright keep hoping it’s not wrong anyway!

Now let me remind you this, Even God himself he aversions lazy people, He hates “lazy Bums, He blesses your faith only when it’s conjoined with exertion, Not Hope with Zilch “Action.

Religion will keep you thinking “It’s the last days” until your hair turns grey. Because the main motive behind your incorrect discernment is to comfort you for the “Indolence” you are pursuing. But let me help you here mate: See! Even the so called “Anointed ones” take benefit of “Last Day Stratagem” yet on the divergent they know it doesn’t mean they should just sit there face-booking the whole year waiting for “rapture” day.

They Grind “asset wise” and it is absolutely a worthy thing. Now how about you who is sitting at ease waiting for rapture while enriching mark Zuck 🙂 Please Get a life, Do something, Motivate Yourself, Look in the mirror, You are different from how you were five years ago, It’s because you are not growing any younger, Its tickling and never reversing.

Religion is the enemy here and when I say religion I don’t mean that one of going to church on Sunday, Im talking about your “Cerebral make up” or how you programmed yourself with certain patterns of thinking and visualization! Even me this “Post that you see” now it’s a way of “caking up” while waiting for that rapture.

Maybe you are wondering what im on about? I am not affiliated to religion; I have a direct personal relationship with God, that’s why he makes me comprehend things this way. Instead of me wasting a second in my 24 hours, he makes me conscious of the things i must do to advance my life or lives of those who are fortunate to know me from any angle. There is no any day i do not apprehend any new Inordinate or Immense thoughts, Exploits or missions because i am “Religious Free”


Yours Visionary

Lesego Montsho


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