If you level-headedly observe the lives of most elders right now. It ultimately replicates the youthful version of them.

First we have elders who are 40 and above who still play the blame game so perfectly. They can’t sort out anything for themselves because they are waiting for other people to do things for them. Even simple things like vacuuming their houses become intermittent duties just because their children stay away. They can’t prune even the tiniest branches of tree in the garden just because all their sons are working far from home. What if they had no sons? I wonder what if they had no children at all. Would they live like that? No they wouldn’t!  The only problem here is they contaminated their minds with “Dependency Syndrome” ever since they were young. It’s a habit printed in their system since their youthful days.

Second we have those who have been working, “High paying Jobs” for truckload decades but we can’t even see fallouts, educated elders who are entitled Doctor, Bankers, Economists and many more. But when you look at them you might think they have volunteered for whatever profession they do (No salary prearranged). Why? Because, they still live in leased properties, they still use loans to buy or build; they have nothing to point and say I done did these for the period I’ve been working. Similarly their life is a mirror image of the youthful version of them. People whom while they were still at university in their 20’s they had zilch visions except that of fly-by-night, graduating and getting the certificate to look for employment. They are the people who never premeditated anything, they believed in taking whatever life throws at them. They had ‘only God knows’’ methodology and it led them to ‘’hand-to-mouth’’ lifestyle. They are living fancy but the bank account on negative. Don’t be like these elders.

Third we have those elders who are insanely thoughtless and Immature, Men and Women as old as 40 who trained their minds to nothing industrious or rewarding except talking about sex, coveting at women bodies or men bodies and being possessed with demonic erotic reflections. Elders who can’t rheostat their damn selves, elders who can shamelessly approach a juvenile multiple decades younger to ask them out. You might even think they perhaps got a PHD in that area since that’s the only topic they know in their lives. Such grown-ups barely engross in constructive conversations of Righteous topics, Investment adjustments, Career enlightenment, Success principles, Constitutional policies and so forth. 

One thing for sure they were not born like that? They learn these characters as they grow and domesticate such behaviors and get accustomed to being those disreputable elders and parents they are today. Same to you young person don’t despise your little beginnings of being so “Occupied with amatory cravings above all”. Guard your hearts my friends. And you young Boys please stop objectification of women. It’s one of the stupid things happening on social media these days.  It kills women instead of building them.

Conversely, the blossoming grown-ups leading fully clad lives today. It instigated as young version of their selves subjugating their minds and mind’s eye with profitable forecasting and arrangement of the vision they sought after.

It will not be a peaceable journey; it will not be a walk in the park. You will be confronted with trials, Criticism from the social order, the “pull them down syndrome” will always be there, and you will feel like you are missing out. However keep envisioning your lovely self with a ruler many people don’t understand. At the end you shall be one of the paramount. If you forthrightly want to be among the great in this world full of tomfoolery which look as if it’s typical don’t get weary of doing good.

Its easy to learn good habits than it is to unlearn bad habits. The choice is yours Friend.

Yours Visionary

Lesego Montsho


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