Secular music means Non-spiritual music. And the difference between a secular song and a Christian song is that, “in a Christian song the spirit of the song is word driven whereas in a secular song the spirit of a song is beat driven.”

Has secular music ever made you feel like you are an Enemy of God?

As for me in the beginning like most of my juvenile years I had no problems with secular music…I grew up listening to secular Hip-hop and Pop  and I truly enjoyed it yet I was a Christian. Then came a time I started being a bit devoted as a Christian ,consequently by God’s disposition I interrelated with the Dynastik Equinox Team, And a Brother called Duncan enlightened us that secular music is not good at all, He made it clear that as Christians “everything that we do has to glorify God including the way we talk, the things we watch and listen to” I could not agree more and in my head I was assenting because eyes and ears are the windows of the soul, Whatever we feed our eyes and ears intensifies and later manifests in us, for instance songs that use too much curse words can result in one talking the same way compulsorily.

He went on to expound that as Christians we don’t have an excuse to listen to secular music for the reason that nowadays there are various Genres like hip-hop, Pop, Reggae etc. that glorifies God and I was unaware of it. With all that he said it was plentiful of a rebuke…Then and there I took my “Hello kitty galaxy” went to the library and deleted every single song that was secular. Mind you I was 18 so I pledged to quit listening to secular music completely. I began to hate secular music with all my heart that whenever I heard someone playing secular music or got in a place where they played secular songs I would leave that place right away. I continued that way until I became 20 (my age right now)

Conversely during all this time when I didn’t tolerate secular music I always saw Christian youth particularly the ones who are supposed to lead us being conformed to secularism in terms of music and movies they watched. It always got me thunderstruck! But it did not halt me from persisting the way I chose to do my thing; My Gadgets were only jam-packed with Christian music of various Genres. But I cannot deny that enticements were always there since at home they subscribed to Dstv compendium so at times while flicking through the stations I will come across songs in trace that I adored and those 808’s booming like nothing …Imagine sonJ. Same with YouTube it will recommend videos from secular artists I used to listen to. It was hard maan.

In my current age there was a day I asked myself if secular music is collectively wicked? A lot of things came to my mind….I discussed this whole issue in my common sense and I felt like I was trying to mislead myself into a snare. I couldn’t get proper answers… I asked myself the second question as to what exactly makes a song secular? Is it the lyrics or the artist or the genre? Can a person labelled “profane” glorify God through their music? Cant someone’s talent (vocal, playing instruments startlingly) just on its unadorned state epitomize God’s ingenuity as the Creator? Is it not in the bible that “Every good and perfect gift comes from above?”

My intention was not to play “The Devil’s Advocate” so I began to have understanding that God created music for a purpose ,secular artists and their talents are also part of God’s creation “Good Things” He called them to make music and sing for him. It’s only them that decided to abuse the Gift for personal gain and fame.

As much as we live in a secular world, not forgetting that our mission is not to conform to the standards used here. We should understand that even Jesus when he was on earth he did thirst and hunger for food, He could feel physical pain, and he expressed feelings of anger at times just like any other human being and these things have no spiritual basis.

There are secular songs which promote love, compassion, charity, and laughter with good morals just like the “NATIONAL ANTHEM” it can be sung even in churches, do we regard it a secular song? You can answer that. So some secular songs just like the national anthem can be accepted if we carefully listen to their lyrics and try to understand the intentions of the songwriter or the artist. Therefore the “LYRICS” of a song should be the determinant of whether a Christian should listen to a song or not. God can use anyone at any time; if we judge the songs by who sing them we are most likely to miss the message behind the song because we are too focused on inspecting the messenger.

In Philippians 4:8 the bible says “Finally Brothers, whatever that is noble, whatever that is true, whatever that is right, whatever that is pure, whatever that is lovely, whatever that is admirable, If anything is praiseworthy or excellent think about such things.

Now ask yourself then can secular music be true, noble, pure, right, lovely, praiseworthy and excellent? If so then there is nothing wrong with a Christian listening to a song that fits that description.

It’s a fact that majority of secular music does not meet the standards of (phil4:8) as it oppositely promote violence, immorality, and it depreciate integrity and purity most of the time. Nonetheless there are secular songs that do not mention God or the Bible verses yet they endorse godly ethics such as honesty, purity, integrity, compassion and love. Still as a Christian you should listen to music that draws you near to God most of the time, don’t use my post as a vindication to run away from God.


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