Allow me to laugh a little Okay !Just a little .. Eheheheheh 😂😂😂. Who said it is a norm or it’s a Standard edict that when you are a Christian man you have to be recognised with a suit and tie? Who said if you don’t dress on a sparkly silk suit from Monday to Sunday you are not Godly? Who said you should always have those obstinate firm facial expressions all the time? Who said you must always be Ice cold to fit the “Holiness” label.

I respect people’s choices but for some reasons I sense that individuals are hoodwinked into believing that holiness is always attached to dress code or how often somebody wears a blazer and formal trousers. Which is moderately true, however I think that this “Formal attire” code can be monotonous if people overdo it. Principally the youth who instigate on embracing old appearance through non-stop formal costume.

I mean can you guy’s atleast wear cardigan shorts, T-shirts, and some sandals just once in a decade for God’s sake. Or something that will make people not to take you too serious for your age, something that will not fright people away mainly your age mates thinking that you are some kind of Government official, Attorney or something when you are actually a minor.

I summon up at fourteen when i was a Sceptic, Lil Wayne Fan, Thugette, profane, Defiant and too good for religious fervour. There was this other Boy at school who was in the same grade I was in, he happened to be a pastor. He conducted himself like a person who just advanced from University and already searching for occupation, I found him infuriating for this oldness aspect to an extent that whenever he greeted me formally I had to ignore him; I avoided conversing with him by all means for I felt I was too green to engross in dialogues with elders. I admit I was cold-blooded but the oldness look was equally blameable for thwarting him from charming souls to God.

Im very fond of Christian Boys who dress so immaculate in suits especially on Sundays at church or in distinct occasions but when it becomes a day to day routine even during outdoor activities it becomes a turn off, Ok! Just like a TV series or an advert that repeats every single day it gets tiresome.

It’s conventional to confuse the devil sometimes; it’s allowable to dress supremely! Try out something people don’t know you with! Just once in a while! Pull a snapback, Denims, youthful shirts, some branded sneakers and stylish eyewear! You will be surprised people will call your name from afar.

Stop listening to Phempherethe’s music 24/7, your mental power will deteriorate, Upgrade your playlist, Download Christian R&b, House and Hip-hop music, Dab to it, and Do those Doughies unapologetically 💃💃💃. Trust me even the witches who are holding your things will freedom you because of confusion!

Then the earnest expression you Boys of God make when you talk must stop, Learn to smile, Conquer the devil please! Smile atleast once in a week to match your age! Stop mimicking your pastor’s facial gestures, He has had more teething troubles and encounters in life than yourself that’s why he is like that, so stop photocopying his expressions. Be you!


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