Women empowerment is not something we are supposed to hear about in radios & televisions or read about it in the news papers,

Women Empowerment is supposed to be an act for women by women.

Seeing another woman being the best in whatever career she is in, Empowers other women.

It does not matter whether its in Business, Engineering, Sports, Technology, Science, Leadership, …You name it!

Women empowerment become more real when us women motivate each other with positive energy and vibes.

It starts with me and you being passionate about everything that we do, Giving all the effort in whatever we do, Leaving a marking wherever we go.

When we become women who have dreams which scare us,Women who are not scared to share their dreams with the world, Women who can fall in life but still choose to lift their head up and walk confidently, Women who are fearless and always ready to take risks, Women who can dust themselves up and go back to confront their failures with a better approach.

24 year Old English Gardner (woman in the picture above) Once said …”Pressure could either break the pipes or create diamonds, And the choice is mine”…She left a mark at the #Rio2016 Olympics,and of course in the hearts and minds of many people Some may not remember her tomorrow but still it will be in the records.

The first days of her freshman year of high school back she received an assignment in her health and physical education class in which they were told to write down their short-term and long-term goals. Under short-term, Gardner drew the Olympic rings.

Sprinter English Gardner failed to make it to the Olympics in 2012.By then she hadn’t won a world championship nor did she reach the podium there. However she kept manifesting about the Rio de Janeiro Olympics as if the outcome in the much-anticipated women’s 100 meters was predetermined.

I personally watched her on the Television, She was at Rio de jeneiro and guess  what she did exceptionally well, From the hits, up to the finals in both 100m and 200m sprints she was shining and she got her Gold medal.

Now the question is how did i notice her ?, Its simple the positive vibes she emmited and the confidence she had made it easy for us to recognise her.

We need more women like her who will fail at something but come out more intelligent & experienced the next time they repeat that thing.

women who will be recognised & appreciated by someone somewhere just because they give a 100 in what they do.”She won her Gold medal in borrowed shoes”


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