“It’s Not the TEARS of GRIEF that we are SHEDDING, They are Tears of CELEBRATION”

“Yes the Nation of Botswana is in tears, But we are not mourning, we are celebrating the life of our father, our forerunner who lived his life in ultimate purpose” – Lesego Montsho

People like Sir Ketumile Masire are to be Feted, Their legacy is incontestable. Rre Masire was indeed a pioneer, and a principal figure that contributed profoundly in the Building of the nation of Botswana.

This very season of winter in July 1925 a star was born for the Nation of Botswana, A knight in shining armour was born Rre Ketumile Joni Quett Masire. He became the Second PRESIDENT of the Republic of BOTSWANA after receiving its independence.

This Very Season of Winter in June 2017 God procured back this very star. And in this particular day of “Thursday 29, June 2017” Our very eminent, The father of the Continent of Africa, The Draftsman of Democracy, Our God-father of Social equality, Our Pride, A man of Boundless status and Veracity will be put to ceaseless-jovial rest on his grave bed at the Village of Kanye in Botswana.

I am writing this in tears, Not because im mourning but because I am celebrating and I am grateful to God for the great immeasurable things Our Very own Rre Masire has done for the people of Botswana in his time of Service.

He was a leader that was not “Self-seeking”

He believed in service for the nation.

He had constructive intentions for leadership.

Botswana was known for Respectable tantamount Governance and transparency that he founded. I am all tears because I ask myself if people of Rre Masire’s calibre DO still exist in this present-day generation and politics!

Are we gonna see the principles of Rre masire “Our very remarkable Democrat” continuing to win out in the state of Botswana?  Those are the questions for another day!

I heard a story about him that during his premiership when the Reserves of Botswana were still flourishing and stable. The members of parliament proposed to him that they wanted “A salary increment”.

 In response to that as a Leader he told them to go ahead and increase theirs if that’s what they want, but as for him he is okay because eyeing the poverty of the populaces of the republic of Botswana, the state of affairs and other factors like HIV/AIDS, it would be very coldblooded to do so. Him saying that as a leader provoked the members to see how unfair it would be to do so hence they down casted their motion! , After hearing that I was awestruck even though I was non-existent by the time of his ruler ship.

My entreaty to all our leaders is for them to follow the steps of Our father, For them to learn from his proficient mission that leadership is not about what we can do for “Ourselves” but rather what we can do for “Our People”, Please do not let either communism, Dictatorship or Capitalism to cancel out the beautiful Democracy which our Father had built for us.

Its Thursday 3:57 AM, after watching a clip on YouTube that recapped the moments of leadership during Sir Masire’s time, I had to burst in tears,

I repeat it’s not the tears of Sorrow;

It’s the tears of Celebration, Celebration of a life that was lived in purpose,

PURPOSE in capital letters!

I remember one of his popular Quotes which go like: “Corruption undermines the ability to provide services. It fuels inequality, Injustice, and discourages foreign investment. ”

Sir Quett Masire’s leadership was not only at national level because during his time he was a SADC Chairman, Vice Chairman of AOU the present day “African Union”. He also served as a chancellor of the University of Botswana from (82-98). Not only that! He was also much known for being one of the “Few” African leaders who resigned from rulership out of his own free will.

Other leaders appreciated him and his integrity very much, for instance earlier this week after his passing on Mr. Mo Ibrahim said: “Masire was an example of good governance and decency much lacking in Africa’s leaders.”

All in all it’s the will of God that our “Knight in the shining armour” had to leave us.


You lived a life of PURPOSE

You did all the things you were brought here on earth to do

You accomplished so much including and your legacy will thus prevail

May your soul rest in eternal peace our Beloved father “Sir Ketumile Masire


Condolences Written by: Lesego Montsho!





My Authentic names are Lesego Montsho————————–

—————————-Sometimes Known as Latessa Visionary

An urbanized Botswana female—————————————

An African by Atlas——————————————————-

————————————————A visionary by annexation

————————————A Multi-Zillionaire by Methodology

————————————————-A star by Genetic Qualities


—————————————————-A Christian by exactitude

————————————My first words, but not my last press!

————————————-Im here TO press literacies with you

—————————————–most importantly to restore your

———————————THOUGHTS from any form of captivity.




Read like pages are a substitute for oxygen (You cant breathe without them).Make reading a habit !
In Quixote Africa we embrace the culture of reading, its actually what bring us closer, so we have a collection of new books we read every single week. Of course during week days we are somewhat busy but during weekends we pledged a commitment to ourselves for each one of us to read and complete atleast two books a week. we do all these for our growth, cognitive stimulation and general development because books truly open our minds, They give us a fascinating time while they equally fine-tune our intuition and instincts. Therefore i recommend that you try out this adventure called “Reading”.



People have this tendency of thinking that political figures are synonymous to Idealists. For this moment let me draw the line between the two: I am personally one of the mirror images that reflect what an idealist is! So whenever you see Lesego Montsho just say “Howdy Idealist!”

Because idealists are people who are in awe of bringing and discoursing topics that affect humanity with the determination of putting in better ways of solving such matters for the reason that we have hearts of service compared to politicians who in most times are self-absorbed and less concerned about welfare of other people.

Another thing is that we idealists are pioneering individuals who do not have any attachment with political camps in broad-spectrum but we voice out loud at any time when we feel like things are not done the right way because we are influenced by our matchless frame of mind that desires to see improvement in everything. But when we express our divergences some people who are ignorant may think we sound political in a sense that our views will be clattering with politicians who at that instance will be in authority of either the government or certain departments at that juncture.

Now let me make the whole shebang crystal clear in terms of what it really means have an Idealist mindset or to be an Idealist because a lot of people do not understand how we operate as idealists.

Idealists have an optimistic outlook of things and are naturally sound and profound henceforth they have a distinctive way of articulating their acuity. Typical example is the way I routinely express my views on matters of importance such as the “Muddled up education system” of this century. That is e are people who are not afraid of fighting for justice even in circumstances where it takes clashing with the authority or defying rulebooks.

We live our lives honourably without play-acting because we have the nous of gratification in us that stimulate us to be spot-on to ourselves. We therefore rate significant relationships or communication and for this reason we under no circumstances get overwhelmed by social positions, wealth level or education level of other people.

It is just naturally coded in our cerebrum that we embrace the model of seeing ideas as definitive reality for we know that even the cosmos is a manufactured article of a boundless cognizance. Therefore we look at the world in a prime fulsomely elitist approach. We are creative thinkers who see the world for what it should be than what it could be thus we are world changers compared to politicians and other groups of people.

Another aspect of an idealist is that we are ewes of remarkable philosophies, that’s why each time I put up something to you even if it’s to some degree you are familiar with it will come out as something comprehensively extraordinary to you because of my idealistic way of presenting it.

We are so hypersensitive to conformism or worshiping “Comfort zone” that is why we always put forward ideas which seem impractical to people who are not vision enthused. And we are stated as “Unrealistic” for we believe everything is attainable and the only nemesis most people who are not idealists have is their minds which are “Cynical” and have a reduced amount of assurance.

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Put on paper by:

Yours Idealist:

(Lesego Montsho)


It’s not every Tom, Dick, and Harry who takes in for questioning what digital ecosystems are or what they actually do. With Ecosystems I know already someone evoked of their Biology 101 lectures assuming we are going scientific here, Hell naw!

And somewhere on planet earth there is atleast one individual who is downright clueless about the era we are in currently being so-called “The Digital age” nonetheless, I believe as soon as any individual appreciates this key concept of Digital age it gets much easier to understand the concept of “Digital Ecosystems”.

Digital Ecosystems are simply a symbiotic group of enterprises or companies, people or things that share homogeneous digital platforms for a reciprocally positive resolution such as commercial advantage, invention or any other corporate importance. It’s important to build a digital ecosystem in the corporate world because they can help augment interactions among companies, departments and organizations hence enhancement in performance.

Moreover, it accommodates transformation for heavy industries through pitching of various initiatives that amplifies their reach at the end of the day. And that transformation involves development of new fresh business models and new financial models which will offers unprecedented access to the capabilities, resources and talent on a global scale that sets stage for innovation.

This integrated running of all interfaces and interconnections of a business permits companies to focus more on the objectives hence achievement of sought after business throughput goals. Digital ecosystems are converting industry models from simple relations to distributed partnerships thus building a strong ecosystem will allow one to manage the transition.

Now one may ask, how exactly does one digitally make ecosystems? Well the very common way is through substituting all business running tasks to cloud computing systems which are the best digital systems that make vast number of processes customizable and convenient.

However the inconvenient part about digital ecosystems is that they oblige for a change in the people, processes and technologies that reinforce the organization. In addition, to leverage business ecosystems organizations will need exemplar shift in standpoint discounting the traditional supply-demand commercial standpoint.

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Put on paper by:

Yours Idealist

(Lesego Montsho)


Find this wonderful book called “THE PINNACLE AND CORE OF FOREX” by lesego montsho on AMAZON KINDLE STORE. This book that was keenly written with the intent to assist you in your trading activities. It does not matter which level you are at. The book is suitable for traders of all levels. Even aspirant traders!


I recognized that a lot of people tend to utilise the word “INVESTING” and “TRADING” interchangeably without giving it applicable thought as to what each entails, I don’t know what exactly sources this misperception. Nevertheless, I feel that there is some fundamental dissimilarity between these two activities or processes. It is a fact that the two supplement each other yet that does not mean they are tantamount.

If at all you were among those that thought Trading is synonymous to investing you do not have to worry to any further extent my friend, This Blog Post is a special dedication to you!

When we talk of TRADING we are talking of a process of bargaining one item for another. In financial markets this involves either buying items for one price to sell them at a higher price or selling something for one price and buying it again for a low price all in the name of profit making.

A lot of people engage in “TRADING” activities of different forms in their day-to-day lives but they are just not aware that it is “TRADING”. Usual instance is that of buying Goods in a store and in the process we interchange Money for Goods. That is a trade-off! But my assessment will be mostly grounded on the cybernetic type of trade.

Contrariwise, INVESTING entails of purchasing and possession of financial instruments with the confidence that the instruments will upsurge in value with time and this is branded the “Buy and Hold” concept! Therefore investors tend to buy low and sell low. They keep the instruments with the hope that the price gets higher in the future. Traders on the other hand are not concerned about the “Buy and Hold” of financial instruments. Their main goal is to profit in whichever way the market goes whether upward or downward within a shorter time frame.

A lot of investors tend to confuse Buy and Hold with the Buy and Forget hence losses become inevitable.

Yet, serious investors buy instruments based on the underlying ultimate reasons such as the background of a company, company’s status, prospective of its Products and earnings reports. While in TRADING high probability setups acquainted by technical analysis are the greatest valued key tools as they incorporate MARKET SENTIMENT.

This is all I could offer you, Stay tuned for more and don’t forget to FOLLOW my Blog!


Yours Visionary

Lesego Montsho


Have you ever heard someone rounding about their abhorrence to politics? And how useless Politics are? I heard that a couple of times from numerous individuals especially young people. This is the stupidest declaration certain Homo sapiens usually utter thinking it signifies WISDOM. But Hell Naw!

There is no wisdom in this kind of proclamation however it’s a widespread revelation of OBLIVIOUSNESS. I mean every system functioning today in any part of the world irrespective of arrangements and structures attached to it, is an object to politics in one way or another.

First, people must apprehend that politics are the momma of lawgiving and policymaking therefore any procedures we are enduring by today are somewhat a manufactured article of Politics therefore “Claiming to not be concerned about Politics” is like saying “…Im not interested in food, cause Im not a chef..”! That statement doesn’t reflect any wisdom because as a human being you need food but food doesn’t need you. Whether you claim to not be interested in “FOOD” or not the bottom-line is you will be subjective to it anyway. Similar with politics whether you claim how not interested in them you are, that won’t change the fact that you are an object to them from whatsoever angle. So Wake Up!

As a visionary I will reveal this to you especially if you are looking forward to be a Billionaire in the future, If you are interested in travelling the world and staying in various countries through your years of life, If you are in any form of Business that’s perchance gonna extend yonder continents, If you interested in tying the knot overseas, Aspirant to engage in any multicurrency exploits, etc. If you foresee yourself under any of those categories. Politics are your Business my friend, whether you like it or not! When I say they are your Business I don’t mean you are destined to be a politician, “NAW” I mean you will be a victim to politics compulsorily under those! Hence you need Politics or to be updated about any political updates in your sphere of reach.

As an International Economics undergraduate, A Prognostic Forex Trader and intercontinental stock investor I got to realize from both experience and hitting the books that Politics are the greatest influencer of the Global Markets and Financial Markets, Therefore my trading activities depend on political affairs and news. If I ignore politics or news which are political because of the “…POLITICS DON’T CONCERN ME RIDICULOUSNESS…” then my ability to speculate currencies becomes meagre and losses are inescapable when a trader or investor has such witlessness. If you hate politics or news which are political then trading is not for you my friend!


I am not a Politician and I am very far from being one so the opinions I express here are simply motivated by Vision. Don’t forget to press that “FOLLOW” button.


Yours Visionary

Lesego Montsho


I have been sweltering to say this for quite a while now. Should i say God directly gave me the acumen to just spot it? “Religion” is the reason why a lot of people are not mounting to be better versions of their selves. “Religion is the prevalent competitor than Satan himself. It causes people to run away from their personal accountability. That’s why a lot of people today are slothful because of the essence of “Religion” that causes them to hold misguided hope that “GOD WILL PROVIDE”, or “GOD SEES ME THROUGH”. Yet they are doing nothing to escort their faith.

Do You think God will make his way down here to work for you while you are 24/7 a Facebook tenant, 24/7 Keyboard devotee, Alright keep hoping it’s not wrong anyway!

Now let me remind you this, Even God himself he aversions lazy people, He hates “lazy Bums, He blesses your faith only when it’s conjoined with exertion, Not Hope with Zilch “Action.

Religion will keep you thinking “It’s the last days” until your hair turns grey. Because the main motive behind your incorrect discernment is to comfort you for the “Indolence” you are pursuing. But let me help you here mate: See! Even the so called “Anointed ones” take benefit of “Last Day Stratagem” yet on the divergent they know it doesn’t mean they should just sit there face-booking the whole year waiting for “rapture” day.

They Grind “asset wise” and it is absolutely a worthy thing. Now how about you who is sitting at ease waiting for rapture while enriching mark Zuck 🙂 Please Get a life, Do something, Motivate Yourself, Look in the mirror, You are different from how you were five years ago, It’s because you are not growing any younger, Its tickling and never reversing.

Religion is the enemy here and when I say religion I don’t mean that one of going to church on Sunday, Im talking about your “Cerebral make up” or how you programmed yourself with certain patterns of thinking and visualization! Even me this “Post that you see” now it’s a way of “caking up” while waiting for that rapture.

Maybe you are wondering what im on about? I am not affiliated to religion; I have a direct personal relationship with God, that’s why he makes me comprehend things this way. Instead of me wasting a second in my 24 hours, he makes me conscious of the things i must do to advance my life or lives of those who are fortunate to know me from any angle. There is no any day i do not apprehend any new Inordinate or Immense thoughts, Exploits or missions because i am “Religious Free”


Yours Visionary

Lesego Montsho


“Every Individual is a product of who they hang with”

 It’s as simple as ABC to have associates who are visionaries. The only thing you need is to follow the subsequent 7 simple key Principles:

1). Always be hands on. Visionaries do not put up with indolent people. They do not tolerate people who are always up to nothing.

2). Have a unique way of doing common thing or show ingenuity in your attempt to do common stuffs. In other words do common things in matchless way because that way any visionary will consider you a genius even when you aren’t one.

3). Make sure that in your spare time you sharpen your aptitude with Books. Visionaries are passionate about erudition; they take pleasure in engaging in conversations which are stimulating and informative. They basically don’t entertain idiocy. Therefore if you enjoy imprudent topics you become a windbag in their eyes. However if you are informative they will consider you a friend.

4). Visionaries love fervent people. It does not really matter whether you do a career or a major that’s different from theirs. As long as you are enthusiastic about what you they will love you to death.

5). One more important thing you must understand is that Visionaries like people who are all-rounders. For the reason that visionaries are open to learning new things therefore if you are an all-rounder a visionary will befriend you for life. They like people who can infect them with positive vibes.

6). Be a fast thinker, Make it a habit to be a problem solver than a problem magnifier. Suggest a clever solution in case a visionary is going through some situations and they are seeking suggestions. Trust me if you suggest wisdom layered solutions they will think you are as vision enthused as they are.

7). Reduce or abstain from negative statements when you are around visionaries. They always see the bright side of everything, in every difficulty they see a silver lining, they see opportunities everywhere they place their eyes and visualization. In simple terms they are optimists therefore if you talk like a pessimist around them they will avoid you with all their might.


Yours Visionary


Lesego Montsho