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I recognized that a lot of people tend to utilise the word “INVESTING” and “TRADING” interchangeably without giving it applicable thought as to what each entails, I don’t know what exactly sources this misperception. Nevertheless, I feel that there is some fundamental dissimilarity between these two activities or processes. It is a fact that the two supplement each other yet that does not mean they are tantamount.

If at all you were among those that thought Trading is synonymous to investing you do not have to worry to any further extent my friend, This Blog Post is a special dedication to you!

When we talk of TRADING we are talking of a process of bargaining one item for another. In financial markets this involves either buying items for one price to sell them at a higher price or selling something for one price and buying it again for a low price all in the name of profit making.

A lot of people engage in “TRADING” activities of different forms in their day-to-day lives but they are just not aware that it is “TRADING”. Usual instance is that of buying Goods in a store and in the process we interchange Money for Goods. That is a trade-off! But my assessment will be mostly grounded on the cybernetic type of trade.

Contrariwise, INVESTING entails of purchasing and possession of financial instruments with the confidence that the instruments will upsurge in value with time and this is branded the “Buy and Hold” concept! Therefore investors tend to buy low and sell low. They keep the instruments with the hope that the price gets higher in the future. Traders on the other hand are not concerned about the “Buy and Hold” of financial instruments. Their main goal is to profit in whichever way the market goes whether upward or downward within a shorter time frame.

A lot of investors tend to confuse Buy and Hold with the Buy and Forget hence losses become inevitable.

Yet, serious investors buy instruments based on the underlying ultimate reasons such as the background of a company, company’s status, prospective of its Products and earnings reports. While in TRADING high probability setups acquainted by technical analysis are the greatest valued key tools as they incorporate MARKET SENTIMENT.

This is all I could offer you, Stay tuned for more and don’t forget to FOLLOW my Blog!


Yours Visionary

Lesego Montsho


Have you ever heard someone rounding about their abhorrence to politics? And how useless Politics are? I heard that a couple of times from numerous individuals especially young people. This is the stupidest declaration certain Homo sapiens usually utter thinking it signifies WISDOM. But Hell Naw!

There is no wisdom in this kind of proclamation however it’s a widespread revelation of OBLIVIOUSNESS. I mean every system functioning today in any part of the world irrespective of arrangements and structures attached to it, is an object to politics in one way or another.

First, people must apprehend that politics are the momma of lawgiving and policymaking therefore any procedures we are enduring by today are somewhat a manufactured article of Politics therefore “Claiming to not be concerned about Politics” is like saying “…Im not interested in food, cause Im not a chef..”! That statement doesn’t reflect any wisdom because as a human being you need food but food doesn’t need you. Whether you claim to not be interested in “FOOD” or not the bottom-line is you will be subjective to it anyway. Similar with politics whether you claim how not interested in them you are, that won’t change the fact that you are an object to them from whatsoever angle. So Wake Up!

As a visionary I will reveal this to you especially if you are looking forward to be a Billionaire in the future, If you are interested in travelling the world and staying in various countries through your years of life, If you are in any form of Business that’s perchance gonna extend yonder continents, If you interested in tying the knot overseas, Aspirant to engage in any multicurrency exploits, etc. If you foresee yourself under any of those categories. Politics are your Business my friend, whether you like it or not! When I say they are your Business I don’t mean you are destined to be a politician, “NAW” I mean you will be a victim to politics compulsorily under those! Hence you need Politics or to be updated about any political updates in your sphere of reach.

As an International Economics undergraduate, A Prognostic Forex Trader and intercontinental stock investor I got to realize from both experience and hitting the books that Politics are the greatest influencer of the Global Markets and Financial Markets, Therefore my trading activities depend on political affairs and news. If I ignore politics or news which are political because of the “…POLITICS DON’T CONCERN ME RIDICULOUSNESS…” then my ability to speculate currencies becomes meagre and losses are inescapable when a trader or investor has such witlessness. If you hate politics or news which are political then trading is not for you my friend!


I am not a Politician and I am very far from being one so the opinions I express here are simply motivated by Vision. Don’t forget to press that “FOLLOW” button.


Yours Visionary

Lesego Montsho


I have been sweltering to say this for quite a while now. Should i say God directly gave me the acumen to just spot it? “Religion” is the reason why a lot of people are not mounting to be better versions of their selves. “Religion is the prevalent competitor than Satan himself. It causes people to run away from their personal accountability. That’s why a lot of people today are slothful because of the essence of “Religion” that causes them to hold misguided hope that “GOD WILL PROVIDE”, or “GOD SEES ME THROUGH”. Yet they are doing nothing to escort their faith.

Do You think God will make his way down here to work for you while you are 24/7 a Facebook tenant, 24/7 Keyboard devotee, Alright keep hoping it’s not wrong anyway!

Now let me remind you this, Even God himself he aversions lazy people, He hates “lazy Bums, He blesses your faith only when it’s conjoined with exertion, Not Hope with Zilch “Action.

Religion will keep you thinking “It’s the last days” until your hair turns grey. Because the main motive behind your incorrect discernment is to comfort you for the “Indolence” you are pursuing. But let me help you here mate: See! Even the so called “Anointed ones” take benefit of “Last Day Stratagem” yet on the divergent they know it doesn’t mean they should just sit there face-booking the whole year waiting for “rapture” day.

They Grind “asset wise” and it is absolutely a worthy thing. Now how about you who is sitting at ease waiting for rapture while enriching mark Zuck 🙂 Please Get a life, Do something, Motivate Yourself, Look in the mirror, You are different from how you were five years ago, It’s because you are not growing any younger, Its tickling and never reversing.

Religion is the enemy here and when I say religion I don’t mean that one of going to church on Sunday, Im talking about your “Cerebral make up” or how you programmed yourself with certain patterns of thinking and visualization! Even me this “Post that you see” now it’s a way of “caking up” while waiting for that rapture.

Maybe you are wondering what im on about? I am not affiliated to religion; I have a direct personal relationship with God, that’s why he makes me comprehend things this way. Instead of me wasting a second in my 24 hours, he makes me conscious of the things i must do to advance my life or lives of those who are fortunate to know me from any angle. There is no any day i do not apprehend any new Inordinate or Immense thoughts, Exploits or missions because i am “Religious Free”


Yours Visionary

Lesego Montsho


“Every Individual is a product of who they hang with”

 It’s as simple as ABC to have associates who are visionaries. The only thing you need is to follow the subsequent 7 simple key Principles:

1). Always be hands on. Visionaries do not put up with indolent people. They do not tolerate people who are always up to nothing.

2). Have a unique way of doing common thing or show ingenuity in your attempt to do common stuffs. In other words do common things in matchless way because that way any visionary will consider you a genius even when you aren’t one.

3). Make sure that in your spare time you sharpen your aptitude with Books. Visionaries are passionate about erudition; they take pleasure in engaging in conversations which are stimulating and informative. They basically don’t entertain idiocy. Therefore if you enjoy imprudent topics you become a windbag in their eyes. However if you are informative they will consider you a friend.

4). Visionaries love fervent people. It does not really matter whether you do a career or a major that’s different from theirs. As long as you are enthusiastic about what you they will love you to death.

5). One more important thing you must understand is that Visionaries like people who are all-rounders. For the reason that visionaries are open to learning new things therefore if you are an all-rounder a visionary will befriend you for life. They like people who can infect them with positive vibes.

6). Be a fast thinker, Make it a habit to be a problem solver than a problem magnifier. Suggest a clever solution in case a visionary is going through some situations and they are seeking suggestions. Trust me if you suggest wisdom layered solutions they will think you are as vision enthused as they are.

7). Reduce or abstain from negative statements when you are around visionaries. They always see the bright side of everything, in every difficulty they see a silver lining, they see opportunities everywhere they place their eyes and visualization. In simple terms they are optimists therefore if you talk like a pessimist around them they will avoid you with all their might.


Yours Visionary


Lesego Montsho


When we talk of real estate we are talking about LAND and all permanent man made accompaniments attached to it.

A lot of people do not realize there is so much to real estate than just houses. Real estate is a BUSINESS. Real estate is an investment opportunity and it’s one of the flourishing nest eggs in the 21st century. And of course a giant sector with about five classifications within it. These categories are Residential, Commercial, Mixed-Use, Industrial, and Agricultural.

I hope you are aware that the most ultimate resource in real estate is the land followed by developments or any constructions in it. However in to real estate terms, a Land is defined as earth’s surface extending downward to the core of the earth, including the upward infinitude.

The reason anyone should invest in real estate is that Real Estate has got significant increase in value over time. Secondly, gains are taxed as ordinary income except qualified real estate pros. lastly the generation of cash flow; Overtime Rents increase hence creation of cash flow stream that’s inflation subtle.

However it’s important that before investing in any property consider the following dynamics. Firstly, the district or the type of people living in the neighborhood you want to invest in and possible future glitches. Second, Do both exterior and interior inspection of the property you are interested in purchasing, Also the demand and the and supply, Last but not least get a relevant property data which has information about listing, tax data, and recent market analysis.

Real estate just like any other business type it has got its snares especially management headaches, and clients headaches therefore it’s important that first and foremost before jumping into real estate you educate yourself, Establish a systematic process and documentation, And Implement rules to ensuring that tenants or whoever is involved knows the rules.

Unlike many businesses real estate is profitable in a sense that it’s a long term investment, it has generation cash flow and earnings from sale are assessable as ordinary income.

Now im sure a lot of you are already engrossed by real estate but just like any venture, to get started you should sacrifice and plan your financial imminent, Set long-term financial goals, and use those credits cards to float not to purchase useless items. That’s all I could share on real estate!

Yours Visionary

Lesego Montsho


If you level-headedly observe the lives of most elders right now. It ultimately replicates the youthful version of them.

First we have elders who are 40 and above who still play the blame game so perfectly. They can’t sort out anything for themselves because they are waiting for other people to do things for them. Even simple things like vacuuming their houses become intermittent duties just because their children stay away. They can’t prune even the tiniest branches of tree in the garden just because all their sons are working far from home. What if they had no sons? I wonder what if they had no children at all. Would they live like that? No they wouldn’t!  The only problem here is they contaminated their minds with “Dependency Syndrome” ever since they were young. It’s a habit printed in their system since their youthful days.

Second we have those who have been working, “High paying Jobs” for truckload decades but we can’t even see fallouts, educated elders who are entitled Doctor, Bankers, Economists and many more. But when you look at them you might think they have volunteered for whatever profession they do (No salary prearranged). Why? Because, they still live in leased properties, they still use loans to buy or build; they have nothing to point and say I done did these for the period I’ve been working. Similarly their life is a mirror image of the youthful version of them. People whom while they were still at university in their 20’s they had zilch visions except that of fly-by-night, graduating and getting the certificate to look for employment. They are the people who never premeditated anything, they believed in taking whatever life throws at them. They had ‘only God knows’’ methodology and it led them to ‘’hand-to-mouth’’ lifestyle. They are living fancy but the bank account on negative. Don’t be like these elders.

Third we have those elders who are insanely thoughtless and Immature, Men and Women as old as 40 who trained their minds to nothing industrious or rewarding except talking about sex, coveting at women bodies or men bodies and being possessed with demonic erotic reflections. Elders who can’t rheostat their damn selves, elders who can shamelessly approach a juvenile multiple decades younger to ask them out. You might even think they perhaps got a PHD in that area since that’s the only topic they know in their lives. Such grown-ups barely engross in constructive conversations of Righteous topics, Investment adjustments, Career enlightenment, Success principles, Constitutional policies and so forth. 

One thing for sure they were not born like that? They learn these characters as they grow and domesticate such behaviors and get accustomed to being those disreputable elders and parents they are today. Same to you young person don’t despise your little beginnings of being so “Occupied with amatory cravings above all”. Guard your hearts my friends. And you young Boys please stop objectification of women. It’s one of the stupid things happening on social media these days.  It kills women instead of building them.

Conversely, the blossoming grown-ups leading fully clad lives today. It instigated as young version of their selves subjugating their minds and mind’s eye with profitable forecasting and arrangement of the vision they sought after.

It will not be a peaceable journey; it will not be a walk in the park. You will be confronted with trials, Criticism from the social order, the “pull them down syndrome” will always be there, and you will feel like you are missing out. However keep envisioning your lovely self with a ruler many people don’t understand. At the end you shall be one of the paramount. If you forthrightly want to be among the great in this world full of tomfoolery which look as if it’s typical don’t get weary of doing good.

Its easy to learn good habits than it is to unlearn bad habits. The choice is yours Friend.

Yours Visionary

Lesego Montsho



Our government, the state and everyone else keep wondering why the Education system utilised in Botswana is failing the children. This is not a minor issue as far as we are concerned; a lot of to and fro complaints have been raised between principals-teachers-students and the ministry of Education. A lot of finger pointing had transpired as to whether the poor academic performance in our country is due to lack of motivation and dedication to education by students or deprivation of parent’s involvement in the children’s Education.

Ever since being placed in the school at the tender age of five kids have been told they are being prepared for the real world, however it’s very sad that once they get into secondary schools that real world preparation is already gone. Why? Because all they are being taught is Historical concepts and many other irrelevant things which they’ll never use in the “so called real world”. This system is designed to enslave students.

The system of standardised testing is failing our kids in a sense that more tests, more homework and more time spent in the school only to focus on historical lives. This system is industrialised and it creates slaves not smart people. The Students don’t have right to life anymore, the system tells them how to live it, how to dress, when to eat, when to go to the bathroom and when to grow facial hair, they do not have liberty to stay home and relax as they please, Students do not have the right to the pursuits of happiness if they were involved in the system.

Our education system is stressful to Children, Being forced to stay in the same class for 8 hours a day, for 10 months, for 12 Years up to 20 years just for grades. Instead of nourishing them with inspiration we feedstuff them information with a mentality that accept as true that sitting a child in front of the chalk board for elongated time will innovate a new world one day. Really?

It is an error to use a system of the 18th century for the time that we live in, we already have information, infinite knowledge and technology in the palm of our hands, its high time we upgrade our education system. Ask students how they want to learn instead of telling them how to learn? The best learning is done by experience not solely by a pen, book and paper, it’s time the government changes the foundation of these communities.

Apparently this out-dated education system causes education to lose its essence since students do not go to school to learn; as an alternative they go to school because they have to go to school. For how long are we going to continue measuring education using letters and numbers on a sheet of paper? We need a new system that will shift our focus away from grades. One of my favourite physicists Neil de Grasse once said …“When students cheat on exams it’s because our school system values grades more than students’ value learning…”

Subsequently all the things they memorised at school will never be used, all the good grades will never be used; even the degrees are impractical to an extent where they end up in the streets. Now the question is who is getting the profit here? “#CollegeOwners of which 95% of them happen to be executives of the federal government”.

One more thing, “Hao bona Go sena nko e tswang lemina” in our education system is because approximately 90% of the schools in our state are public schools and only 10% are private schools, Public schools obviously are for the “HAVE NOTS” whereas estate schools are for the “VIOLENTLY RICH” People who mostly are top state officials and a few middle income people. This causes an imbalance in our country’s education but education is supposed to be an equalizer here.

To bridge this big gap only 0.5% of kids from the “HAVE NOTS” category have the opportunity to do A-levels through top achiever thingy. I believe A-levels should be a package within basic progressive Education which every student who pass their BGCSE’s should have a guarantee to. Educating eager people is not a waste after all besides we have a pint-sized population.

A-Levels have an internationally acknowledged importance compared to BGCSEs therefore kids from bad-socio-economic backgrounds if guaranteed A levels  they will also have more success chances similar to kids of top state officials because A-levels makes one qualified and proficient enough for a lot of universities and scholarships across the world. This imbalance between the rich and the poor kids in high school completion is the most important predictor of success in the work force.

Long term ramification of a two torn education system in which students in wealthy backgrounds have a high quality education and student from less affluent communities have poor education affects the economy in a sense that most students who enter university without being polished via A levels end up having difficulties in learning preliminary concepts for university level such as Calculus, Engineering geometry and computing when starting B.Sc. or any other prestigious Majors like Economics which requires Radical indulgence, And chances for drop outs due to failure become preordained. Then it becomes the responsibility of the federal government to fund those students again.

What is very funny is the minute students (minor schools to tertiary) drop-out due to academic failure, the only thing our society and politicians assume is that the students were reluctant to do their school work disregarding other factors. Yes we know that most of the time people who fail are lazy bums’ however in tertiary schools of Botswana it’s different. Even Intelligent, hardworking and disciplined students do fail too, not because they were lazy or misbehaving.

The reason is very simple our system is very stressful to students, it conflicts with their mental well-being and this has brought more harm than good. I had looked through several calendars for academic year in some Local universities especially BIUST and the way it is structured is very unhealthy, it does not cater for mental moderation of a student .That is why very often we see reports in tabloids about lectures who take advantage of this system and molest kids for marks. It’s because they are aware that with our stressful education system the chances of failure are high and as far as students fear the embarrassment of (Fail and Discontinue) some end up surviving failure by being robbed their dignity. Does that give Education essence? Big No.

Finland had an education system that was completely falling apart just like ours, they were doing standardized testing and they found out that students weren’t achieving very much. They became worried as a government which cares for its state and decided they need an overall of what they are doing. Guess what? They got rid of all private schools and as a result there was much more investment in public education. Suddenly everybody began to achieve great things. As we speak Finland’s education system is ranked fifth in the entire Globe….don’t you think that if adopted, this model can benefit us (Botswana) as a State?

Dont shoot me

Lesego Montsho

Top ten best ranked Education systems in the world which we can learn from

1.) South Korea 2) Singapore 3) Japan   4).Hong Kong 5). Finland 6). Canada 7). United Kingdom 8).Netherlands 9). Ireland 10). Poland